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4400Slim Lithium-ion Battery
4400mA Lithium-ion battery for PV-1000Touch & PI-WD10S
4400Slim Lithium-ion Battery

4400mA Lithium-ion battery for PV-1000Touch & PI-WD10S
The battery provides 4000 mAh capacty and will power PV-1000 Touch for a period of 180 of recording time.

BA-4400 Slim specifications:
Capacity: 4400mAh
Operation hours: 120 minutes (with DC 12V camera) and 180 Minutes for DC 5V sensor
Dimensions: 100 X 70 X 10mm
Weight: 91g
Compatibility: PV-1000 Touch (all versions)
Easily installed by placing the battery in the backside compartment of a PV-1000 Touch DVR.

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