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GL-H38E36 Necklace Camera and Matchbox D1(720X480) DVR
NL10 & PV-50u
The PV-HD50u can easily be described as the smallest, most durable DVR available. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this DVR is designed with a metal housing and is perfect for both mobile and stationary recording.
GL-H38E36 Necklace Camera and Matchbox D1(720X480) DVR

Analogue connector, supports portable DVR & wireless transmitter & receiver kits

Image Sensor: 1/13" CMOS
Min Illumination: 4 LUX / F2.8
Angle of View: 60 degrees
Video Resolution: NTSC(811x508), PAL(795x596) 480 TV Lines
Video System: NTSC & PAL
Video Output: 1.0V p-p Composite at 75 ohm
Power Supply Voltage: DC 4.5~5.5V
Camera Weight: 30g

•Connect you camera to the tiniest portable DVR available
•Simple on/off operation
•Size and memory company to make this tiny DVR a powerful DVR record
•Durable metal housing
•Vibration alerts indicate operation in your pocket
•Tamp/Date stamped video files
•Best uses: body worn mini-camcorder, car camera, webcam, sports or activity camera
•Cameras sold separately

Video Resolution: NTSC(720x480)/PAL(720x576)
Frame Rate: NTSC(30fps)/PAL(25fps)
Video Format: MOV(H.264)
Memory: Support for 32GB Micro SDHC
Battery Capacity: Lithium Battery
Power Life Time: 4 hours (Power to the camera: 2hr) ±5%
Dimensions: 74 x 39 x 16mm
Weight: 48g

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