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GL-i09 WiFi Digital Wireless Bug Detector
Digital packet scanning for the new generation of WiFi cameras.
Using full-time parallel information detection technology, unlike traditional analog scanning, it can capture instantaneous information packet transmission.
GL-i09 WiFi Digital Wireless Bug Detector

WiFi wireless cameras are transmitted using digital packets. Unlike previous analog cameras, which are transmitted by continuous radio waves, traditional frequency scanners cannot capture them.
The transmission of digital packets is indirect. The transmission time of each packet is only zero and a few seconds. The chance of synchronizing with the traditional frequency scanner is almost zero. Therefore, to detect a new generation of WiFi wireless cameras, GL-i09 must be used. A full-time parallel information detector that captures the instantaneous transmission of each packet.
The sensitivity of the GL-i09 can be easily adjusted, gradually reducing the detection range, achieving positioning in a short period of time, capturing hidden WiFi wireless cameras.

Sensitivity: >-70dBm@Antenna
Dynamic range: 35dB
Detectable distance: >10 meters
Antenna: Built-in (omnidirectional)
Detection mode: peak power detection mode
Sensitivity detection mode adjustment: up and down keys 0~100% adjustment
Warning mode: four modes: warning tone, LED prompt, vibration and mute
Power: Built-in 1880mAh lithium battery
Charging time: about 1.5 hours
Charging port: Micro USB
Working time: about 8 hours
Size: 150 x 80 x 20mm
Weight: 170g

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