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GL-i07 2G/3G/4G cell phone 2.4G ISM Detector
Only respond to the signal in the frequency band, anti-noise function, can distinguish the non-mobile phone signal in the frequency band.
Made in Taiwan
GL-i07 2G/3G/4G cell phone 2.4G ISM Detector

Comply with Taiwan 3G/4G frequency band
(including NCC frequency release 2600MHz band)
Unique full-band sync detection capability similar to high-end GL-i13
Simultaneous detection of multiple bands in 3G/4G
Different from general scanners, only for signal detection in the frequency band
Up to 10 meters

This equipment is suitable for prison safety, school or examination room to prevent test fraud, military base to prevent military leakage, trade secrets to prevent leakage, avoiding cell phone interference in medical equipment in hospitals, resulting in life-threatening illness.

Detectable frequency band:
700MHz (703~748MHz) uplink frequency
800MHz (824~849MHz) uplink frequency
900MHz (885~915MHz) uplink frequency
1800MHz (1710~1770MHz) uplink frequency
2100MHz (1920~1975MHz) uplink frequency
2600MHz (2500~2620MHz)
Sensitivity: > -65 dBm (intensity of antenna reception)
Dynamic range: 35dB
Detection distance: 0~10 meters (in open space and @-85dBm)
Antenna: Built-in hidden (Micro-strip multiband inverted-Fomnidirectional antenna)
Detection mode: RF peak power detection mode, multi-band synchronization
Sensitivity adjustment: 0~100%
Alarm mode: buzzer / earphone / vibration three modes
Power: Built-in 1880mAh lithium battery
Charging: Micro USB DC5V
Size: 150 x 80 x 20mm
Weight: 290g
Accessories: USB transformer, Micro USB cable, headphones
2G / 2.4GHZ ISM(I:Industry; S:Science; M:Medical) WiFi
Made in Taiwan

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