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GL-F02 Key Design Portable Voice Recorder
Lifetime Continuous recording 7 Hour Maximum Recording Time 18 hours (4GB)
GL-F02 Key Design Portable Voice Recorder

•Extremely discreet key design and simple operation
•Convenient playback functionality
•Built-in AGC MIC - excellent sound quality
•LED signal to indicate device status
•Built-in 4GB flash memory
•MP3 file format
•Instant audio file playback and deletion
•Micro USB connection

File Format: MP3(WAV)
Memory type: Built-in storage 4GB
Data interface: MICRO USB 2.0
Audio output: MICRO USB audio output jack
Power Input: USB 5V
Power Consumption: 10mA-15mA
Battery Input: DC 3.7V / 110 mA high polymers battery
Charging Current: 250mA
Charging Time: 30min
Battery Lifetime: Continuous recording 7 Hour
Maximum Recording Time: 18 hours (4GB)

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